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What Our Customers Say

“Apogee's fast funding has allowed me to do more deals and faster than ever before. I never thought a 48 hour turn around was possible. Look forward to many more.” 

– Aircraft Dealer / Repeat Apogee Customer

As a new aircraft dealer, Apogee's expertise and creative financing solutions ensure we can move quickly in a global marketplace where time kills deals.

– Aircraft Dealer / Repeat Apogee Customer

“I have worked personally with Tim Pollard on the financing of aircraft for many years now. It has been my experience that in each and every aviation loan request Tim has let me know very promptly what he can do with regard to that request. He also has a protocol and highly trained personnel for processing these loans that results in very prompt turnaround time that I believe is unequaled in this industry. I highly recommend Tim and his company Apogee Finance, LLC for your aviation financing needs.”

– Loan Broker / Repeat Apogee Customer

“I've had the good fortune to work Tim Pollard for over a decade and have been using Apogee Finance for the past several years on all of our aircraft transactions, which has ranged from Boeing 737's all the way down to Citations and helicopters, and everything in between. Tim and Apogee have never failed to come through for our company, and they make it simple and easy to get things done.  Whenever we or one of our customers need an aircraft financed, Apogee is who we call. Tim is an aircraft guy himself, and his experience in the market helps us make smart decisions when purchasing an aircraft.”

– Aircraft Dealer / Repeat Apogee Customer

“I rely on Tim Pollard and Apogee Finance LLC for financing the purchase of older aircraft that banks typically will not consider. Tim's extensive background and knowledge in evaluating aircraft is a critical factor in making these lending decisions. He assists in putting these deals together by offering good loan to value ratios for these loans. Apogee Finance LLC has competitive interest rates and fees that make it my first choice for financing purchase of inventory aircraft.”

– Aircraft Dealer / Repeat Apogee Customer

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